Our Team

All of our guides do an excellent job of combining their river experiences with a thorough knowledge of the Cody area. Wyoming River Trips guides’ experience is not limited to the Shoshone River, in fact their greatest asset is the experience they bring from all other rivers they have run. Our complete staff is trained in CPR and First Aid. Please take a moment and note the experience of these individuals. We are proud of them.

“I simply want to express our appreciation for a most enjoyable day. Your crew was outstanding. Thanks for a great first experience on the river!” — Doug Yarnold Family.

A Word About Personal Responsibility

Wyoming River Trips guides are professional boatmen, and your safety is their highest priority. However, no outdoor activity is without some inherent risk. You must acknowledge and, in substantial measure, accept that risk. All adult participants, and parents or guardians of minor participants under the age of 18, must sign an Acknowledgment of Risk form required by our insurance company. Please allow sufficient time for this, and check in at our office when you arrive.

Ron Blanchard


Ron began floating on the Shoshone in 1978. Ron was born in Port Arthur, Texas. After 15 years on the rodeo trail and a few years in Alaska on the pipeline, Ron found that the freedom and adventure of Wyoming had replaced his traveling spirit. His river experience includes the Salmon, Snake, Yellowstone, and the Colorado through the Grand Canyon where he is a licensed guide by the National Park Service. Ron also has river experience on the Bio-Bio River in Chile. Ron, along with his wife Cathy and son Jake, enjoy hiking, kayaking, and searching for Native American rock art. In the off season, he works for Wyoming Game and Fish, as part of the wolf management program.

Rick Blanchard


Started guiding on the Shoshone in 1976. Texas born, Rick’s background includes 10 years as a pro rodeo cowboy and two years on the North Slope of Alaska. Rick’s wife Deborah has been with Wyoming River Trips since 1989 and they have two sons, Landon and Leighton. His river experience includes the Salmon, Snake, and the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Hobbies include camping and spending time with his family.

Cathy Blanchard

Safety Coordinator/Guide

Cathy began guiding with Wyoming River Trips in 1991. Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, Cathy is a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner and teaches CPR and First Aid to our staff. Favorite activities include horseback riding and cross-country skiing; her river experience includes the Green, Snake, and the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Jake Lucas


He is Ron’s step son and our first, second generation family guide. Born in Jackson, WY, he was raised around the Wyoming River Trips and the Shoshone River. Jake has spent his life ranching and learning wilderness sports skills. Hobbies are football, back country snowboarding, and fly-fishing. His river experience includes the Snake, Green, Big Horn and the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Landon Blanchard


Landon is a second-generation boatman on the Shoshone. Landon started guiding with Wyoming River Trips in 2006. His river experience includes the Snake, the Main and North Fork of the Shoshone, and the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Landon’s hobbies include fly-fishing, camping and spending time in the outdoors with his dog Rogue. Landon enjoys sharing his background of the river and his unique perspective of the surrounding area. Landon is currently attending Boise State University where he is majoring in Geoarchaeology. He is also a member of the BSU track team.

Andy Quick


Began with the Wyoming River Trips in 1999. Andy comes from an outfitter family and has spent most of his life in the mountains and rivers around the northwest Wyoming. He graduated from Western States College with a degree in Outdoor Recreation.

Joe Baugher


2013 will begin his twelfth year with Wyoming River Trips. When Joe is not on the river you will find him with a camera in hand. Wildlife photography is his passion along with the hunting and spending time with his family. His wife Mary has been in transportation with us for nine years.

Sara Tripp


Begins her 4th year with Wyoming River Trips in 2013. California raised but with Cody family ties. She is a Nursing major at Berkley City College. Her interest includes horseback riding, softball, soccer, and hiking.

Leighton Blanchard


Began guiding with Wyoming River Trips in 2011. A second generation boatman, Leighton continues to share his knowledge of the Cody area where he was born and raised. When he’s not on the river guiding trips, you’ll find him along the river corridor with a fly rod in his hand. Leighton is also a State Champion pole vaulter and continues to compete at the college level while majoring in Education.

Sam Tripp


Began guiding with Wyoming River Trips in 2012. Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. He is currently attending a junior college in California, and will soon transfer to either Humbolt State University or Montana State University. Pursuing a major in wildlife management, with a career goal of becoming a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park. His passions are skiing, camping, fishing, hunting, and soccer.