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Brothers, Rick and Ron Blanchard were born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. From humble beginnings, their trail from Texas to Cody had plenty of detours along the way including: work on the Alaska Pipeline, Pro Rodeo careers, and guiding river trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. They were first drawn to Cody for its reputation as a world-renowned rodeo destination, but after spending some time in the area, they fell in love with the town, the people, and the natural beauty northern Wyoming has to offer. 

Wyoming River Trips was founded in the winter of 1978 with Rick and Ron personally escorting trips that following summer. Since its inception, Wyoming River Trips is the only continually owned and operated rafting company in the Cody area, focusing on providing safe, family whitewater adventures that are accessible and approachable to all.

Besides creating family-focused river trips, in it’s 43 year history, WRT has cultivated a family culture within the business itself. Consistently hiring personable, hard-working, capable staff has not been an accident. Instead, it has been an intentional decision from day one. Couple that with high levels of training and attention to detail, and you begin to see a company that is committed to providing more than a fun trip down the river — you see a company that is committed to our clients, staff, and community.

The Blanchard family has grown over the decades and the company is now welcoming it’s third generation. What started back in 1978 as an alternative to the lifestyle of rodeo that Rick and Ron had adopted up until then, has now become a trusted, multi-generational local business in the Cody community. We look forward to meeting you out on the water! 

Our company has been featured in many national publications such as; Travel and Leisure, Better Homes and Gardens, and Mature Outlook magazines. We have also been featured on the Travel Channel and the Outdoor Life Network.

a group of people standing in a grass field posing for the camera
Landon and Elyse on the upper Wind


All of our guides do an excellent job of combining their river experiences with a thorough knowledge of the Cody area. Wyoming River Trips guides’ experience is not limited to the Shoshone River, in fact their greatest asset is the experience they bring from all other rivers they have run. Our complete staff is trained in CPR and First Aid with additional guides trained in Wilderness First Aid and Swiftwater Rescue.


Wyoming River Trips guides are professional boatmen, and your safety is their highest priority. However, no outdoor activity is without some inherent risk. You must acknowledge and, in substantial measure, accept that risk. All adult participants, and parents or guardians of minor participants under the age of 18, must sign an Acknowledgment of Risk form required by our insurance company. Please allow sufficient time for this, and check in at our office when you arrive.