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Brothers, Rick and Ron Blanchard were born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. From humble beginnings, their trail from Texas to Cody had plenty of detours along the way including: work on the Alaska Pipeline, Pro Rodeo careers, and guiding river trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. They were first drawn to Cody for its reputation as world-renowned rodeo destination, but after spending some time in the area, they fell in love with the town, the people, and the natural beauty northern Wyoming has to offer.

In the winter of 1977, the idea for founding a whitewater rafting company in Cody was starting to take hold, and by the summer of 1978, the dream of Wyoming River Trips came to fruition. It all started with Rick and Ron personally escorting trips – a legacy that continues on to this day. They knew they had something good going, and they knew if they stayed committed and focused on providing quality adventure for people of all ages and backgrounds, that Wyoming River Trips would become a mainstay in the town of Cody.

Today, Wyoming River Trips marks a milestone in the company, with a second generation moving into guiding and management positions. Jake Lucas, Landon Blanchard, and Leighton Blanchard all grew up with the company, their summers filled with adventures on the river. They grew up with an appreciation and a passion for the outdoors, including the wild rivers of the West. Rick and Ron often say that “We never expected this company to grow into what it is now. To be able to share this with our families and have the privilege to pass this on to our kids…that’s what it’s all about.”

The family aspect of our company is fundamental to our success, and it has been that way from the beginning. You will not find a company more focused and driven to provide the best experiences possible for you and your family. We invite you to share in the experience of traveling down an iconic river of the Wild West – to immerse yourself in its beauty, rich history, and its thrills. Although Wyoming River Trips has grown and evolved since its inception, our mission has stayed the same. That mission is to provide people of all ages with an experience of a lifetime.